The Monitor Group, Inc., founded in 1992, provides personalized
confidential financial planning and investment management services
to individuals, and families. We advise clients through consultation
which may include: determination of financial objectives, identification
of financial problems, cash flow management, tax planning,
insurance review, investment management, education funding,
retirement planning, and estate planning.

The company is strictly a fee-only financial planning and investment
management firm.

    We do not sell annuities, insurance, stocks, bonds, mutual
    funds, limited partnerships, or other commissioned products.

    We are not affiliated with entities that sell financial products or

    We do not accept commissions in any form, nor do we pay or
    receive finder’s fees.  

Investment advice is provided, with the client making the final
decision on investment strategy. The Monitor Group, Inc. does not act
as a custodian of client assets.  The client always maintains asset
control.  We place trades for clients under a limited power of attorney.
We provide a written evaluation of each client's initial situation in the
form of a financial plan document that includes analysis and
recommendations.  The process includes periodic reviews as
reminders of specifics steps to be taken.  More frequent internal
reviews occur, but are not necessarily communicated to the client
unless immediate changes are recommended.

The client may engage other professionals (e.g., attorneys,
accountants, insurance agents, etc.) on an as-needed basis.  
Conflicts of interest will be disclosed to the client in the unlikely event
they should occur.

    The initial meeting, which may be by
    telephone, is free of charge and is
    considered an exploratory interview to
    determine the extent to which financial
    planning and investment management
    may be beneficial to the client.
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